19 Haircuts You’re Going To See All Summer

Some of the most popular haircuts from the previous year have been carried over into this year, maybe as a statement of comfort in familiarity. It’s been a rollercoaster of a year trying to recover from the pandemic. It’s reasonable that many people want their hair to last as long as possible. Stylists have offered their predictions for what hair salon trends will look like in the next seasons, whether you’re looking for a full new summer haircut or just some minor trendy touch-ups to your existing style, and they don’t always agree.

After the effortless and natural appearances of the prior two low-key beauty years, people are eager to work a bit more and add some additional polish by moving to sleek, straight haircuts, tight ponytails, and braids. In 2022, there will be a lot more free-flowing hair and a lot less of the traditional pulled-back style.

People will also trim off a good portion of the length. Short cuts, ranging from stylish bobs to large chops, are the hairstyles likely to be popular in 2022. Following the epidemic, everyone wants to be their healthiest selves, which includes their hair. Keep in mind the aspects on your face you want to emphasize rather than your face shape as you navigate through this selection of adorable haircuts and hair ideas. You and your stylist may devise a strategy to ensure that these items are properly framed. Let’s have a look at some of the lovely styles and discover which one best suits you.

Long Layers

Combing long hair not only reduces weight, especially if your hair is thick, but it also adds charm. There’s no better time for a haircut than the summer to get rid of flat, pyramid-shaped hair that doesn’t move. Wavy or straight, front or back, edgy or refined, half-up or down, wavy or straight, front or back, edgy or sophisticated.

Ultra Short

Between the buzz cut and the “Big Cut,” there’s a fashionable style. It’s short and sweet, and it works with every hair type. It looks great on coily hair, too. The face is the focal element of this low-maintenance haircut. If you need to get dressed fast, this is the hairstyle for you.

Layered Lob

If there’s one thing that this spring’s haircuts have in common, it’s layers, layers, layers. Long bobs have come and gone, but without layers, they’re often flat and lifeless once the novelty has worn off. Layering keeps the bob’s evident form but adds a new level of mobility and versatility, allowing you to style it in a variety of ways.

The Bixie

The bixie was created in the 1990s when two iconic short haircuts married. The cut has been modified and matured for 2022. Pixie cut and bob are combined in a bixie. Layers provide volume and complexity to this shaggy bob.

Broken Bowl

Try Sharpton’s layered suggestion for a fresh touch on the traditional bowl cut. For people with medium-wavy to straight hair, this is a fantastic style. Request a rough cut with delicate, fractured layers around the edge. It’s ideal for folks who don’t want to care about style because it dries rapidly.

’50s Greaser

This is a more modern version of the ’50s greaser that looks great on thick, textured hair. The following are some of the reasons why it’s perfect for spring: It’s excellent for hotter, humid conditions because it’s a wash-and-go cut. Request slender, supple sides with length and volume on top from your hairstylist.

Classic Bob

Experts think that bobs will have a good season this year. They went on to say that in 2022, short bobs with or without bangs for straight hair will be stylish. Selena Gomez is clearly at the forefront of the trend, having lately resorted to a chin-length style. Another popular style among hairdressers is the sliced bob, which is slightly longer in the front. This can help you obtain a smoother line if you have finer hair.

Wispy Bangs

Curtain bangs aren’t going away anytime soon, and sharp ones are especially popular, but wispy bangs are a better option if you like a softer fringe. This ’90s throwback, according to hairdressers and salon owners, will be reintroduced in 2022. Wispy bangs with layers around the face will be popular, adding movement and texture to the look.

Choppy Bends

Many of my customers have requested a simple way to add texture and movement to their long, straight locks. The solution: a layer that is much shorter and contains sections that pop up when a hot tool is used over it. You don’t have to put your curling wand down

Short Layers

This hairstyle features significantly shorter layering around the face, akin to a longer curtain bang, as well as overall shorter layering. Kaia Gerber’s cut is an outstanding example, but it’s not the only texture that works well with this aesthetic. This style is simple to maintain and looks stunning when worn with naturally wavy textures. It’s also a great method to drastically change up your look without chopping off all of your hair.

Big Chop

Whether it’s transitioning from long hair to shag or even a pixie, people are ready to let go. If you decide for the huge cut, you don’t have to get rid of all your hair. Sanaa Lathan’s cut is somewhat longer at the top and tapered at the sides, rather than being all one low length. This year, several customers choose to get their hair cut into a pixie or tapered look, citing how freeing it may feel. When you go to the salon, chat to your stylist about what kind of pixie might look best on your face shape.

Modern Mullet

In today’s variation, the mullet is far less… severe than it was in the 1980s. Miley Cryus’ mullet from 2021 has a nice gentle wave that frames her face.

Soft-Serve Mullet

Even when it’s untidy, the mullet can be elegant. The soft-serve mullet is ideal for those who want to add texture and volume to their style while maintaining a delicate edge. The cut is bi-level, emphasizing the contrast between the disconnected silhouette and the soft perimeter. This mullet emphasizes texture to make it seem more romantic.

Modern Shag

Taylor Swift ruled the modern shag throughout the full year of 2020 and into 2021, and we’re ready for it to reign supreme once more. The reappearance of the shag, on the other hand, has Hershberger delighted. This cut, on the other hand, is not for the faint of heart when it comes to layering. For a cool, lived-in feel, a lot of layers are necessary to create the texture.

Full-Fringe Shag

If you want a fresh look but don’t want to chop your hair short, Avery Z recommends the “full fringe shag,” which she developed here. Consider it the extra-large form of the current shag. It’s wonderful for anyone who wants to wear their hair up while still having some structure to frame the face, and it’s fantastic for anyone who wants a transition without committing to anything severe in terms of length.

Rounded ‘Fro

Natural curls and coils are becoming increasingly popular across the world, and the shape of the hair plays an important part in their success. The rounded ‘fro is one of the most popular hairstyles. Thanks to this cut, your coils will be healthy and your curls will be full of life.

Edgy Undercut

An undercut, like the one Scarlett Johansson, sported in 2015, is on its way back in style — just ask Halle Berry, who recently wore debuted one at the 2022 Critics Choice Awards. The sides or the back of your head are both “badass with a feminine twist,” according to Los Angeles-based hairstylist Clariss Rubenstein, who adds that the undercut may be worn with short or long hair. “First things first, decide which look you’re going for,” she says. “Have your stylist use clippers to undercut your hair so that the short part is perfectly even and that the rest of the hair is a flattering length and style for your face shape.”

Mid-Length Cut

Are you confused about whether you want your hair short or long? Choose a mid-length haircut that falls just below the collarbone. This is a great way to get a shorter appearance without sacrificing all of your lengths. Spring is a great time to get a new haircut, especially if your hair has been dry or damaged during the winter and needs to be refreshed.

Cropped Layers

For spring, we’re expecting shorter hair to make a comeback. We’re also seeing a lot of shorter hair with longer, textured lengths. I call this haircut ‘the shift’ because of the variety of styles available, ranging from edgy and raw to highly polished and sophisticated. The idea is that the haircut may be adjusted to the individual’s personality and meet them where they are on any given day.

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