5 Easy Things To Make Your Make-up Bag More Sustainable

According to some estimates, the beauty business produces 120 billion units of packaging every year, and that’s only one of many areas where we need to make changes to become genuinely eco-friendly.  Being nicer to the environment, on the other hand, does not necessarily necessitate major lifestyle changes and can even be pleasurable and cost-effective.

With new, inventive products and changes to make-up bag basics, our favorite companies are slowly but steadily making it easier for us all to contribute.  In the UK, the average person spends £400 per year on beauty goods, so giving back to the world in exchange for gorgeous skin is only fair.

Here are our top five simple strategies to make your make-up bag more sustainable without sacrificing quality. This you can start from right now.

1. Invest in multi-purpose items.

Prepare to use your favorite lipstick color as a cheek tint and your clear mascara as a brow product and flyaway hair tamer, since not only will doing so save you money, but it will also help the environment.
You’ll be able to use one product for up to three separate tasks, saving you two-thirds of the plastic and giving you more money to go out and flash your new appearance.
You’ll also save room in your kit, which means you’ll have less to take along. A win-win situation is what they call it.

2. Refill your favorite scent

We frequently ignore the impact of burning through perfume bottles when it comes to being more careful with our make-up bags. In order to overcome this, several of our favorite fragrance manufacturers offer refillable perfume choices. Take Mugler, for example. With cult-classic perfumes like Alien Goddess accessible in refillable bottles and ready to be filled up on demand, the fragrance company has been ahead of the curve. The fragrance heavyweights have also made themselves the number one refillable fragrance brand by making it as simple as going into a shop and filling up your bottle at the Mugler refill fountain, which they’ve been advocating for over 30 years. Alternatively, you can simply buy one of their refills.

3. Get rid of the make-up wipes.

A single make-up wipe can take at least a hundred years to disintegrate. Just think about every make-up wipe you’ve ever used, well that’s a lot of years.  Make-up wipes aren’t only non-recyclable, but they’re also bad for your skin. So, why do we continue to use them?  Thankfully, the popularity of double-cleansing with gel and oil products has helped to reduce their use, but skincare professionals and environmentalists alike hope we’ll soon be able to do away with them entirely.  There are several reusable options now, such as micellar water, gel cleansers, and Face Halos, that do a better job of gently washing away the day. Moreover, they also, do not clog the sewage lines.

4. Reuse packaging to save money.

Upcycling your old items is a wonderful way to give them new life. Hair grips may be stored in lip balm containers, and serum bottles can be used as stylish mantelpiece accents. It’s not just your favorite perfume’s mysterious amber fragrances that may be renewed; make-up is also an option. The refillable packaging is now available for favorites like YSL’s Pure Shots Reboot serum and Rosso Valentino lipsticks, allowing you to top them up and fall in love with them all over again. When you’re running low on anything, maintain a stockpile at home instead of panic-buying at the last minute.

5. Use a bar instead of disposable shampoo bottles.

A shampoo bar is a simple change that eliminates waste from your haircare process.  They still include the same components that you’re used to for shiny hair, but they don’t come in a bottle and last far longer than the typical bottle.

A woman is projected to consume between 420 and 500 bottles of shampoo/conditioner in her lifetime, which is a frightening amount of plastic, especially considering that only 9% of all plastic produced is recycled.  Some of our favorite conventional haircare brands have made solid versions of their best-selling products.  Simply lather on damp hair and rinse as normal. You don’t have to do any effort.

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