What is Balayage Hair? Everything You Need To Know Is Here

Hey beautiful! Are you confused between balayage and highlights? Coz so many hair trends in society and it’s really not easy to find one best for you. Balayage is the most trending hair treatment in the present age. And it’s understandable that Balayage’s popularity has made you visit our site.

Let’s decode the concept of Balayage, everything you need to know is here. Just read the article below.

What is Balayage?

Pronounced as BAH-LEE-AHGE. It is a French word meaning sweeping. It is the art of painting highlights on the hair. The misconception that balayage and highlights are the same things let it be clear today. These are different treatments. Balayage highlighting technique that applies free hundred to give blended and sun-kissed dimensions to your hairs. Moreover, balayage is a free-handed technique whereas highlights require a lot of time, and your hairs are loaded with a bundle of aluminum foil to get a stunning look. You need a lot of struggle to understand the hair trends, their pros and cons, and exceptions as well. Keep reading the article to make your mind clear regarding Balayage hair treatment.


How is Balayage Hair different from highlights?

Highlights are different treatments. In highlights, your stylist uses foil paper to put ointments and chemicals on it and has a great margin of neatness in between. Foiled highlights can remove the chance of error and the stylist can control the tone as well. Whereas in the case of balayage is freehand painting on the hair. Moreover, balayage highlights are not too Sharpe creating a natural sun-kissed dimension on your hair but in the case of highlights, you sometimes touch the scalp as well giving it a sharp artificial look.

What is the right way of getting balayage?

Follow these steps for balayage application

Firstly, begin with unwashed hair apply some gel on your customer’s forehead and neck to avoid stains.

Read the instructions carefully mentioned in the brochure provided with the cream.

In the second place mix the ingredients of the cream and shake well.

It is preferred to get this treatment from your hairstylist. But if wanna do it by yourself then divide your hair into parts. Take a brush to apply a small amount of it on the brush and apply the cream from the midlength of hairs to the end.

Repeat the same process over all the hairs 

Wait for 30 minutes and then wash your hair. Rinse water thoroughly apply the conditioner as well.

Balayage highlighting is done now dry them and Style your hair as per your choice.

Precautions for Balayage?

Before getting your balayage application go for a patch test before your appointment. Safety comes first. If your skin is sensitive or you are allergic then don’t go for balayage application. After clearing the balayage test make sure that your hair is clean and dirt free.

Will balayage cause splits, breakout, etc?

Every synthetic has its pros and cons. Since balayage is a chemical treatment it also has. But the hair-splitting and breakout issues by balayage are less as compared to other methods like heat, foil, etc. It is less damaging than traditional coloring methods.

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Frequently asked questions

Q: Is this technique limited to blonde hairs?

A.No, it is for all hair types. You can apply it to any hair type to get brighter, soft, and highlighted hairs.

Q: Do you need any test for balayage?

Yes, there is a patch test done before every treatment to check the sensitivity. But that’s only required if the scalp comes in contact with the chemical.

Q: What is a hair care routine after treatment?

Don’t wash your hair regularly, it will fade the treatment effect fastly. Remember to use an effective hair conditioner to keep your hair healthy.

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