The Benefits of a Timely and Adequate Sleep!

Modern living is optimal in many ways, but it has some associated constraints as well. People work hard to achieve higher productivity and raise their living standards. All of us are told to get an adequate eight hours of sleep for a fresher and more productive day ahead. This amount of sleep is essential for proper functioning, body rejuvenation, and an energized day ahead. Compromising on the essential amount of sleep retards our performance throughout the day. Further, it impacts mental as well as physical well-being. It has an immense impact on how our skin looks, feels, and behaves. In this topic, we will discuss on Benefits of Timely and Adequate Sleep.

One important factor to mention here is that sleep time should not surpass the fundamental requirement. Eight hours of sleep is more than enough per day and, adding one or two more hours makes it more than sufficient.

Below we present the ultimate guide to how the skin benefits from sleep and how it is the first step for healthy and glowing skin.

Why Do I Require Sleep?

Sleep is an essential part of our lives for maintaining both physical and mental health. Wise people schedule their lives for an adequate amount of sleep as it allows a person to function at his best.
Proper functioning of the mind is only possible with a basic amount of sleep. This amount of sleep allows one to be alert and remain rejuvenated upon waking up. Insufficient amount of sleep leads to major health concerns, heart disease, diabetes, and others. Further, it decreases life expectancy in the longer run.

How Many Hours Count in the Adequate Amount of Beauty Sleep?

The sleeping hours should range between 7-9 for sufficient. These hours may be an hour less or more depending on one’s age. Commonly young toddlers and babies sleep longer than healthy adults which allows them for accelerated development and growth. Beauty sleep repairs any damage to the skin’s barrier. Skin healing takes place overnight and this process is optimal when adequate time is allowed to rejuvenate. Lack of sleep leads to symptoms such as dark circles, drier, itchier, and unhealthy-looking skin. Eight hours of sleep a day provides for brighter skin and treats the symptoms of fatigue that appear on the face.

Benefits of Sleeping to the Skin

Sleep leads to the renewal and repair not only of any damage that happens to the body but also to the skin. Here it is that happens in more detail. While resting the blood flow increases in the body allowing for faster skin rejuvenation. On the other hand, sleep deprivation decreases the blood flow, makes it look tired, and suppresses collagen production. Adding more to it, the skin loses luster and becomes prone to premature aging as well. Lack of proper sleep at night leads to unnecessary stress the following day. Stressed skin appears dull and remains blemish-prone due to high cortisol levels. These cortisol levels increase the production of oil from sebaceous glands that cause acne breakouts. Better sleep allows for an improvement in the skin texture, treats hyperpigmentation and acne.

Does Acne and Lack of Sleep have any Connection?

Acne and lack of sleep have more than an obvious connection. Lack of sleep leads to a deprivation of repairing drive of the body skin and remains reluctant to treat any acne breakouts. Sleep deprivation may lead to the flaring up of acne in stressful conditions. Additionally, stressed skin leads to the pick up of spits that increase inflammation and redness.

How to Combat Stressed Skin?

The ideal way to check if the skin is stressed is to observe how it behaves in stressful and pressure conditions. Stress acne is more than obvious to appear in places like the chin, forehead, and back where there is immense sebum production. Acne breakouts are observable as well which shows the symptoms of redness and rashes.

The best skincare products for stressed skin are ones that provide relief and calm the skin of irritation. Follow this simple skincare routine to treat acne-prone skin.

  • Step-1: Double Cleanse Using a Hydrating Cleanser and Cleansing Gel
  • Step-2: Tone with a Natural Exfoliating Toner
  • Step-3: Spot Treatment Cream to Combat Stubborn Blemishes
  • Step-4: A Hydrating Moisturizer to Wind Up the Skincare Routine

Seem like it’s enough sleeping talk. Hoping you find it useful.

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