Hair Color Trends For Spring In The Year 2022

Spring has just arrived and everything is giving us a vibe of its arrival. We are looking forward to new hair color trends that complete your look. Everything seems to welcome the beautiful Spring in its own way so does the beautiful lady. Everyone wants a signature shade to make a major change in her personality according to the summer and spring seasons. The main theme in the previous years was to keep your hair simple, basic, and high maintenance but in today’s era in the year 2022. It is all about low maintenance trends like double process blonds, high bases with highlights, and bold edgy hair colors. So get yourself ready for trendy tones and bold colors in low-maintenance options. Keep the hype around and without waiting let us dive into our major topic.

Scroll down the article below and find the five most influential spring hair color trends for the year 2022.

Hair color trends for spring in the year 2022

Monroe blonde

Monroe blonde is known for its neutral non brassy sunshine. It is one of the hair trends that seems light and is perfect to welcome the spring. This is not a new hair color trend. It’s one of the trends that are being followed by our major popular celebrities many years ago. This trend is still in the market and creating hype.

Monroe blonde is one of the fluffy retro shades that is followed by many of our celebrities now and many years ago. Why we are looking many years back? If you remember the post met Gala then you should know Billie Elissh who is one of the award-winning singers and songwriters had adopted this trend with that iconic Marilyn dress and we just can’t forget the moment. Monroe blonde is for you if you want to go for a new, simple, and easy-to-carry cool hair color trend.

Honey Bronde

Bronde is an easy low maintenance color trend that is major by the people during the pandemic. This hair trend appears sunkissed or you can say it creates a sunkissed effect. All thanks to golden tones throughout. It creates is Sunkissed effect but you know what is more interesting? No! let me tell you it is the most hyped hair color trend in which you can get perfectly bright hair suitable for the spring without sacrificing your hair’s health. Simply talking about the hair color just blend with your natural roots and don’t destroy the health of your hair.

Muted pinks

Spring is known for different colors spread here and there. These colors give us a different type of energy and create a vibe of life. To welcome the spring people opt for different colors. And one of the colors frequently used is pink. This spring and summer you will see a lot of pinks as it’s a fun color for this warmer month.  Muted pink color. It always makes a comeback every other season and is just not losing its hype.

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Baby blonde 

Blonde is something that will never go out of style. It always appears with a new color embracing it. This year we are seeing it as platinum as it gets its true neutral blond everyone could wish for. It is perfect for summers and Springs. Welcome spring by opting for light simple or low maintenance hair color trends that appear graceful and are according to the seasons as well. Baby blonde is a perfect hair color trend. So make your appointment now and get this hair color trend done today that will perfectly suit you and look absolutely cute.

Caramel Balayage

Balayage creates a soft look to your hair and gives your hair a very attractive look. It will always give a more stubble result over traditional highlights. Over the past 2-3 years people are adopting balayage in bunches. If you want to go for a lighter and simple hair color trend in the springtime and wanna add brightness and want to create an attractive hair look. Then we will suggest you go for caramel balayage. But before that, it’s best recommended not to try this at your home. It’s better to invest your money in a good hairstylist that could add lightness to your hair without creating a mess.

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