A woman’s make-up is incomplete without lipstick. Lipstick is one of the most essential parts of the makeup kit and is fuss-free when it comes to the application as well. But if you have thin lips then you have to struggle a bit more. It’s not the lipstick shade that doesn’t suit you it’s the way you apply it on your lips it’s all about the right technique so let’s learn how to lipstick on your thin lips to make them appear fuller. First of all, you have to understand that you have less space to work with so play wisely and trickier. 

Step# 1

Choose lipstick for you

First of all, select a lipstick color if you are picking a dark shade then make a show that you pick a lip liner having a darker shade than your lipstick.

Step# 2

Outline your lips

In the second place, it’s always better to start by applying a lip balm so that you left on dry and flaky. Apply lining to your lips the drawing by the lip liner outside of your natural lip shape makes them look fuller.

Step #3

Fill your lips and blend it

Now pick the lipstick and fill in your lips properly blend your lips by closing your mouth touching both lips and applying the lipstick at the corners as well.


Apply lip gloss

To give it a finer look take lip gloss and apply it. This will make your lips look plumper and reflect light.

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