How To Apply Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick Without Cracks

Lipstick is something that completes one’s makeup look. Whether you are getting up for a party or a meeting the last thing you would check most probably will be your lipsticks smudging. An intense bright pigment lipstick by the perfect product makes you even more confident and gives your face a perfect finish. But most of us don’t know how to put on lipstick especially when it comes to liquid lipsticks, we are completely blank. Coz they can deliver more pigment than the traditional lipstick and provide a stain and is some time smudging as well. Not everyone knows the art of applying lipstick and liquid lipstick is no less. Below here is the proper method of applying lipstick. follow this step-by-step guide and get life-proof lips and become even more confident and attractive. In This Article We Will Discuss About How To Apply Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick Without Cracks?

How to apply long-lasting liquid lipstick?

Before we get started there is a tip for you. If you want a perfect liquid lipstick application, first of all, prep your lips for this process. For this purpose you need to follow the proper skin care process but before applying the lipstick get your lips moisturized with a lip balm.

Step#1: Prep your lips

Before applying any liquid lip color it is recommended to exfoliate your lips with a product like Dermalogica daily microfoliant. Moreover, before applying the liquid lipstick, it’s better to prep your lips and prepares them for lipstick application. For this purpose, you might use the primer but only use a primer if you have dry lips and if you want to extra moisturize your lips for long lasting liquid lipstick.

Step#2: Mark the lining of the lips

In the next step outline your lips and give them a shape by using a freshly sharp lip pencil. As lips are the major part of your mouth that makes You beautiful and give you a unique look. So outlining your lips mean you are outlining the features on your face. It is recommended that focus on the bottom lip rather than the upper one. In the second place make an etch underneath your lower lip. After that outline, your whole lips, connect the lining and fill it with the pencil.

Step#3: Line the edges of your lips

In the next step buff up the edge of the lip liner. Lip liner is used so to keep your liquid lipstick color brightening. It is advised to line up your lips with the color same as the color of your lipstick. This ensures perfect lip color that not only wow but is long-lasting as well.

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Step #4: Apply Lipstick

Now it’s time to apply the lipstick to your lips. Liquid lip color is easy to apply. They aren’t too much dry and provide opaque coverage all day. Moreover,  the liquid lip colors are waterproof and have a velvety finish. They are super lightweight as well. To apply the liquid lipstick on your lips it is better recommended to start from the part of the lips where your mouth opens. Because it’s easier than to keep tweaking lipstick toward the lip edges.

Step#5: Set up powder

After applying the liquid lipstick, repeat, and blot wiping on your color. Until and unless you have got the exact look you wanted to create. After that set your lip color without translucent powder. A powder avoids pesky transfer. If you have already dry lips then avoid the powder.

Step#6: Remove any mess-ups

Have you applied your lipstick but swiped it a little bit across your chin or upper lips area. Clean up the messed area around your lip line. Don’t worry! take a brush and a pea-size face cream on that brush and erase the mess-ups.

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