How To Make Your Smooth And Silky Hair At Home

It’s very difficult not to feel envious when you see someone with long beautiful strands. Silky smooth hairs are the dream of almost every girl. Some of the girls are god gifted in the way that they have naturally got silky smooth hairs while there are some poor hearts that don’t have. But you have to make effort to apply some hacks and remedies to your hair for a smoother and Silky look. So if you want a salon-like treatment at your home then follow these tips and tricks that are discussed below so to maintain shiny hair at home.

Wash your hair twice a week

First of all, people need to make it clear that washing your hair too often can destroy the entire look of your hair. It is best recommended to wash your hair twice a week so to prevent hair weakness. Moreover, peoples stick to shampoo even for years, But, if you want healthy, Silky,  and smoother hair,  it is best recommended to use a regular shampoo once a week and use a clarifying shampoo on the other hair wash day of the week. The latter will take care of all the dirt and remove the dead cell build-up on the scalp and keep your hair healthy and soft. It is advised not to wash your hair with hot water as it dries your hair out. You can either use lukewarm water or cold water.

Give your hair proper nutrient

Your hair needs proper nutrients to grow and stay healthy. Make sure that you are providing your hair with appropriate nutrients via hair oil and head massage. Both the hair massage and the oil application are part of the Asian culture. It is recommended to oil each stand individually. Keep the oil in it for about an hour and wash it with a mild shampoo. The hair mask is an equally brilliant option. The hair mask contains all the vital nutrients for your hair that revise your dull hair, repair damage, and prevent breakouts. It gives your hair a shinier, smoother, and silkier look. The best homemade hair mask used most popularly in India and Pakistan is a combination of egg yolk and avocados, banana and avocados, and aloe vera gel.

Prevent heat 

If you don’t want to lose your natural hair oils and prevent hair damage, it is best recommended to use heat-protected tools to style and try new hair trends. Constant use of the heating device can immensely damage your hair and lose hair luster. Such heat protection devices are introduced in the market that protects your hair and make sure minimum break out. It is prescribed that avoid the hairstyles that pull your hair tightly. Tie your hair loosely not tightly. And protect your hair from the sun as well cover your hair whenever you go outside.

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Avoid chemicals and dyes

For healthier and smoother here it is suggested not to frequently dye your hair. Minimize the use of hair colors or dyes. It can damage the texture of your hair if done frequently. Experts put forward that always wait for at least six weeks for the next hair treatment. It is also recommended to use hair serums. Which are basically the magical products that add shine to your hair. And adds a gorgeous glam to each strand.

Try to tie your hair loosely

To prevent hair damage it is best prescribed not to tie hair tightly. If you frequently tie your hair tightly then there is a greater chance of hair damage. Avoid certain hairstyles and trends like ponytails or the use of tight hairbands on the forehead. Moreover, for better hair growth and a Silky hair look, it is advised to trim your hair after 3 to 4 months. Trimming reduces split ends and breakouts.

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