How to Use a Hair Diffuser to Get the Best Waves of Your Life?

The hair diffuser is making a comeback. It’s a bowl-shaped device that gathers dust at the bottom of the blow-dryer box. You might remember this device from the 1980s. It was a must for getting that super-teased curl halo. It’s more crucial than ever to emphasize your natural texture. If you have wavy or kinky hair, a diffuser is a must-have, so get it out of the back of the bathroom cabinet.

You may get the carefree waves seen in today’s magazines and fashion ads by using a hair diffuser

Jen Atkin, a well-known hairstylist known for her ability to produce beach goddess locks, swears by the diffuser. She is well-known for her work with the Kardashians and the Hadids. You increase your natural bend first, then build on it, rather than blow-drying your hair straight and curling it with your curling iron to produce that wave. It takes a lot less time. The method may be used on any hair type with some inherent structure. If your waves are more wet noodles than S-shaped, you can use this blow-dryer attachment to imitate S-shaped waves. The diffuser also helps to reduce shrinkage in Afro hair by allowing it to dry quickly. Atkin gave us some of her best diffuser recommendations, which we put to the test one by one.

Leave the curls alone as much as you can

Before you pick up the diffuser, there are a few things you should know about maintaining your curl pattern. Don’t overbrush or comb your hair. If you have a lot of knots, use a wide-tooth comb to detangle them. Pull damp hair into a microfiber turban and let it dry naturally instead of pressing it with a terry towel, which promotes static and frizz. Make sure your hair isn’t soaking wet before you begin.

Use a mousse to tame frizz, or a wave spray to add volume

Apply a wave-creating product, such as a mousse or a wave spray which is excellent for curls and waves to your hair for straighter hair types. If your hair is very thick, separate it into two sections and clip the hair from the ears to the hairline, starting at the back.

Cup your hair simply into the diffuser to lock in the natural waves

Place the diffuser at the end of the dryer and tilt it up. In the mixing dish, place a 2-inch clump of hair. Twisting your hair first helps give the waves more definition, especially if you have flat spots in your hair. Use a low or medium heat setting on the dryer. Too much heat can suffocate a wave. Your hair should only be around 75 percent dry. If you let hair air dry after that, it appears a lot more bouncy, especially if you’re going for a natural wave or curl.

You can add volume at the crown via the diffuser nubs

If you wish to add more volume, place the diffuser directly on the crown. The majority of them include nubs on the ends that may be used to massage the scalp while also increasing height.

Fine-tune the ends with a round brush

For waves that appear to be simple, straight ends are required. Atkin recommends swapping out the diffuser attachment for the concentrator nozzle to thin down the ends. Use a comb or a round brush to pay special attention to the ends.

Apply oil for shine and frizz control

Use a shine-enhancing oil or finishing serum as the last step, but avoid the roots to prevent compromising your volumizing efforts. Atkin advises avoiding limp, oily strands around your face beginning in the rear. “Crumble what’s left for a curled look; brush it through with your palms for a dishevelled look.”

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