Improve your skin by using Oil Pulling

You may know what is oil pulling? But in my point of view, I think that many people are unaware of this thing. So today I’ll tell you what is oil pulling, how it benefits your skin, and how you can use it. Actually, Oil pulling keeps your mouth clean, & as well as your teeth & gums healthy. Apart from curing & preventing many oral issues, oil pulling is able to fight enormous skin issues as well. Here you would be wondering how? So, don’t be surprised this article is only for you. Here each and everything will be thoroughly explained to you.

Well, do remember that many skin issues or any other disorders start from the inside, here arises a question how it is possible? So here I would like to tell you that many problems like acne, rosacea, dermatitis, and lots of other issues take place due to the bacteria which develops immediately or instantly in our stomach. Oil pulling is the solution to these disorders.

Oil pulling pulls all the germs out of the mouth from your body. Actually, this keeps your digestive bacteria levels and hormones illness in check.

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During nights the toxins assembled in your oral cavity are able to enter your bloodstream & result in unfavorable skin concerns. Oil pulling, Kavala or Gandusha is basically an ancient treatment that involves swishing the oil in your oral cavity only for a few minutes every day especially morning.

Oil pulling helps in eliminating and preventing the oral toxins from entering the bloodstream while it restores the microflora in the mouth. Additionally, by keeping the digestive bacteria and hormone levels in check, your skin will remain healthy.

Keep in mind that Oil pulling never is used as a replacement for brushing & flossing the teeth. In fact, it is actually a therapy that is useful for your oral including skin health.

The question which is asked by many folks: Does Oil pulling increase your Face beauty?

Well, it not only helps the internal health of your body but also improves the blood circulation in your face, thus, increasing the nutrient supply for your facial skin.

Benefits Of Oil Pulling For Skin

Treat Acne & Skin Rashes

Acne takes place at the time when the toxins from the bloodstream assemble together & as a result block your skin pores. Oil pulling destroys the toxins & as well as unhealthy bacteria from entering the digestive system & blood as well. It keeps doshas in balance, which helps you in getting rid of acne. Furthermore, oil pulling can also be handy in coping with skin conditions like eczema & psoriasis.

2. Promotes Sound Sleep For Youthful Skin

Insomnia is actually a disorder in which you face trouble falling asleep. Oil pulling helps you in having proper sleep because it has the ability to fight insomnia. It also saves you from premature aging signs & as well as dullness in the skin. Thus Oil pulling plays an important role in treating insomnia, circadian disturbance, & depression as well.

Enhances the Blood circulation

Oil pulling basically activates your facial muscles & nerves as well. This enhances the blood flow to your facial skin and makes your skin brighter than before.

What to do and how to do it?

Alright! Here arises the question that how we can perform this, for oil pulling which things are needed and how to use them? So here is an answer to your question.

Only 4 simple steps are here, now let’s read them out.

  • Firstly, you have to take a bowl. Add half spoons of sesame, coconut, sunflower, or olive oil. After mixing them well then add them to your mouth.

Note: In case anyone of you is allergic to any type of oil, so don’t use it at all, because it can result in an allergic reaction. So be careful.

  • Keep or swish this liquid into your mouth at least for 15 to 20 minutes.
  • After 20 minutes spit the oil out.
  • Finally, wash your mouth with water.

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The thing you should Know

  • Chose organic, and free of preservatives, alcohol, or any artificial colors.
  • Do oil pulling when you are empty stomach (Moring is the best time).
  • Don’t prolong this procedure
  • You should perform the oil pulling process mindfully in order to avoid accidentally consuming the oil.
  • Do not spit the oil into the sink after swishing in order to avoid clogging the drain. Alternatively, you may use a trash can or toilet.
  • After performing oil pulling, you should always rinse your mouth and brush your teeth to remove the excess oil and toxins from your mouth

Side Effects Of Oil Pulling

Nope! As such there are no side effects of Oil pulling but it may cause headaches or sore jaw when you are a beginner. Consuming the oil by chance can cause diarrhea or stomach upset.

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