Introducing LONOVE Products

Ready to switch up your skincare routine, or something to finally help you tackle frizz?

We know the struggle when it comes to finding the perfect beauty products that are right for you. There is definitely no one size fits all, and trying out the next new trend on social media is always tiring, especially when it turns out to just be another hype.

That’s why we have curated a list of our top products to help you improve your skincare and hair game.

LONOVE Blackhead Remover Kit

Need something to remove those stubborn blackheads? We’ve all been there, trying out the latest trends on social media, rushing to the store to try a never-ending list of products and always ending up with the same results. Removing blackheads and starting on the path to perfect skin is a long road, and it’s also a dead end. You are always going to have blackheads from time to time and no one has perfect skin, not even influencers, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t achieve glowing skin that makes you feel confident.

LONOVE Nano-Ionic Steamer

Looking for that perfect spa day from the comfort of your own home? You know that feeling when you’re in a steamy shower and your skin just feels fresh and clean from all the steam? There is nothing better than coming out of the shower after carrying out your skincare routine. Stream is great for opening up your pores and allowing product to soak in and really get to work.

We recommend using our Organic Aloe Vera products. Aloe Vera is known for hydrating skin and replacing bad moisture with good moisture. This means removing unhealthy oils and replacing them with oils that help nourish your skin and improve the appearance of blemishes and wrinkles. By combining our Nano-Ionic steamer and Aloe Vera products, your skin will benefit from reduced signs of ageing and healthier glowing skin.

LONOVE Titanium Hair Straighteners

If you find yourself spending ages straightening your hair, only for it to be frizzy or uneven a few hours later, chances are you haven’t found the right pair of straighteners for your hair. If you’ve got frizzy hair, then titanium hair straighteners will be your new best friend.

The properties of titanium help to reduce the effects of heat damage on your hair. These same properties help to maintain the heat which prevents the temperature from fluctuating which helps to reduce the risk of frizz. Titanium straighteners are ideal for thicker stubborn hair, they are far more durable and the temperature management makes them a better choice for tackling stubborn hair.

LONOVE Vitamin C Serum

Summer is fast approaching and for most of us, the winter weather has dulled our skin and a dose of vitamin C is just what we need. Vitamin C is known for helping skin reclaim its natural glow. The properties of vitamin C help to lighten your skin tone which reduces the appearance of dark circles and dark spots from scarring. Our vitamin C formula is created using only natural and plant-based ingredients making it perfect for sensitive skin. The antioxidants in our vitamin C serum help to Reduce redness, even out skin tone, and fades hyperpigmentation.


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