Olaplex Treatment: What is the Olaplex treatment & How is it used?

Well, using Olaplex’s restorative hair treatment prevents your hair from harming from over-bleaching & as well as heat styling. Usually, it is referred to as protection for the hair. Now Olaplex is remarkable among salon-goers, however, for a product so universal, few folks know what is its function & also why it’s utilized by lots of hair pros. Olaplex is also used to restore compromised hair, or include it in another service for offering the ultimate breakage insurance. In fact, we talk to colorists & as well as cosmetic chemists in order to provide folks a full rundown of what Olaplex can actually do for their hair before peoples decide whether or not to ask for it again they are there. Below we’ll tell you how it is used? So now let’s get started.

How is it used?

At Salons

First of all, your hairstylist will add Olaplex 1. Bond Multiplier to the color or lightener, & end by putting in the Olaplex 2. Bond Perfector simply just after the color is washed out to lessen damage & as well as breakage. The Hair Perfector No 3 is to be used at the time when a week to nourish your hair or just like a cure before color & chemical treatments as well. It is too easy to use and make sure that you guys will have long-term results.

At home

Well, If you are at home and don’t want to go outside or to any salon so then you can also use this. Firstly, you should Shampoo your hair by using Surface Shampoo. Basically, they do not have sulfites, paraben, gluten & as well as build-up like oils, silicons, & other damaging chemicals as well. So apply a huge amount to dry off hair & comb through. Quit it for a minimum of 10 minutes. Do keep in mind that the longer it’s on, the more effectual it is in doing its job specifically for hair that is harmed.

Well, we suggest you to leaving in on the hair for 30 to 90 minutes. After waiting for a long time… Washout, shampoo, condition using your favorite Surface Conditioner. Remember that Olaplex is actually not a conditioning treatment & shouldn’t be used as a conditioning treatment. In case you guys have dry or curly hair, ensure to talk to your stylist about which Surface conditioning treatment suits you.

Cost of Olaplex hair treatment

The cost of this treatment varies between salons however, most salons offer it as an add-on for a maximum of £30-£50. Whilst if you are treating your hair at your home, so then at-home Olaplex products serve as a top-up for £26 each; the bottles look dinky but believe us, their powerful formulas are best on the market.

Well, here arises a question is Olaplex only for colored hair?

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Nope! it is not only for bleached blondes, either. Whilst it was made to repair & as well as rebuild broken bonds post-coloring, it can support to restore dry or heat harmed hair to its shiny potential. In case you have committed with your straighteners or hairdryer, then Olaplex is sure to cure your strands to some much-required TLC.

That’s it! Cheers!

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