BOSS Bottled For Men

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Boss bottled for man by Hugo boss is an intoxicating rancid scent. It has a traditional masculine feel. The scent is specifically marketed toward men. So, that you can get a refreshing and beautiful day ahead.


Boss bottled for men is an iconic classy spray. It is created while keeping an elegant man in mind. Male woody base notes combined with the fresh and spicy floral boom make it unique. Its vibrant, signature aromatherapy makes you more confident and the fragrance that’s quite obvious makes you attractive.

Launched in the year 1998 boss bottled spray. Its middle notes consist of cinnamon basal notes from bergamot, sandalwood, cedar, and Olive tree, and top notes are fruity bouquets containing apple, plum, lemon, and others giving it a characteristic loamy aroma.


  • Boss bottled for men for or enhancing Aroma specifically in winters
  • Very suitable sent for the workplace specifically at the daytime
  • Compatible with the professional environment
  • Boss bottled for men is designed traditionally masculine feel moderately
  • Not seductive fragrance
  • Classic woody notes like and after work in the early autumn forest.
  • A fruity bouquet makes you feel refreshed throughout the day.
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