Cast Iron Griddle Pan For BBQ (30 cm)

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  • Durable cast iron griddle pan to last over many years.
  • Retains the original food flavor by even heat distribution
  • Dual function separable and reversible top
  • Suitable for generic cooking with the ridged side for BBQ and grilled food
  • Meets everyday cooking needs that include frying, braising, boiling, and stewing
  • Ultimate choice to prepare meals with less fat/oil that are much healthier
  • Suitable for all heat sources inclusive of gas, heavyweight plate hobs, oven, and grills
  • The robust handle allows its uplift from the stovetop confidently
  • Recommendable for handwash to retain its appearance

Food is the ultimate requisite for survival. When it comes to the core cookware, the griddle pan is at the top. Set on top of a hob or enjoy Coal BBQ with this classy griddle pan. Prepare juicy steaks, or saute a Mexican savory, the LONOVE griddle pan is the ideal match for all. Nutritious, healthy, and tenderly cooked meals are all in your reach with this dual-purpose griddle pan. Supreme quality cast iron provides for thorough heating and even cooking of the food by even heat distribution.


The flat surface side of the pan is exquisitely shaped to fry, cook, saute, and braise any of your preferred vegetables or meat. Flip to the other side and, the ridged side is a whole new cooking surface to explore. Steaks, BBQ, grilled sandwiches, chicken breasts, salmon fillets, veggies and, so much more are convenient to prepare on this ridged side. Handles integrated at either side allow for easy grasping and hold of the pan. Beware of the heated handles when on the stove or inside the oven. Hand wash for extensive use and maintain a protected appearance of the pan.


What’s in the pack?

1 x LONOVE Cast Iron Griddle Pan For BBQ (30 cm)



Beware of touching the heated pan, use baking gloves or kitchen cloth to pick the pan.


Perks of the Product:

  •  Dual purpose for generic and grilled cooking
  • Set on top of the stove for random cooking or on coals for BBQ


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