LONOVE Organic Aloe Vera Spray


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  • 98% Organic Spray Aloe Vera Gel
  • Facial Aloe Mist Natural for the essential skincare routine
  • Daily moisturizer for face, skin, and hairs alike
  • Use daily to soothe and nourish the skin
  • Protects against skin irritations and relieves sunburns
  • Softens and repairs dry, cracked skin
  • Improves wrinkles, blemishes, and acne
  • Natural hair conditioner treats frizz and dandruff of hair
  • No artificial thickness 100% pure mist formula
  • Fragrance-free and natural formula
  • Spray bottle for easy application and usage

Matchless nourisher for all skin types is in stock for you! Treat and rejuvenate the skin with a natural and refreshing Lonove Aleo Vera Spray Aloe Mist having countless uses. 98% Organic Spray Aloe Facial Mist provides uninterrupted skin treatment for moisture, acne after effects, wrinkles, etc. Use daily for soft, supple, and natural skin. Aloe Mist is absolute to treat most hair problems and generic skin issues. A matchless treatment for soft hairs free from frizz and dandruff problems. Other than these, it is an exceptional choice for sun care and, it relieves burns. Get one in the cart now! Superfine non-aerosol mist is easy to use and proven for effectiveness.

Aloe Vera Mist is a definite win over the other skincare essentials with its natural attributes for softer and healthier skin. Aloe vera and its effectiveness for skincare is a centuries-old phenomenon. A succulent indeed, Aloe is proven for improved skin and hair health. Aloe vera is proven for healing, softening, soothing, and restoring the natural elasticity of a person’s skin.


Avoid contact with eyes and keep away from children.

What’s in the package?

LONOVE Organic Aloe Vera Spray (250 ml) x 1

Perks of the Product:

  • Everyday moisturizer for soft and supple skin.
  • Relieves burns and treats hair problems.
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