Stila Lingerie Souffle Skin Perfecting Primer Review

Stila! It has been rocking the world and specifically the European part for years. Every single season new products are launched from their end to amuse and meet the expectations of their beloved customers. One of their products that is exceptionally popular and remains the star in the eyes of many more is the Stila Lingerie Souffle Skin Perfecting Primer.

The beauty enhancer is available in two different shades of sun-kissed and sheer illumination. Here we will discuss both of these flavors that deliver stunning results on the skin. Let’s look into the sheer illumination shade first and give consideration to its properties.

Let us talk about its packaging above all. It comes in a densely weighted glass jar topped with a rose gold lid that delivers a classic yet awesome look on the dressing table. On the other hand, the sun-kissed shade contains the same glass container but it is topped with a gold lid.

All of the innovative yet high-quality ingredients and emulsifiers combine for a smoother application on the skin without remaining sticky on the skin. The small container holds an approx of 30ml the multifunctional primer suitable to wear for a glamorous and gorgeous makeup look. As far as the texture is concerned, it has a whipped gel-like texture that serves three unique purposes while doing the makeup for the skin. Not only does it prime the skin but works as a bronzer and highlighter on the applied makeup. The sheer illumination shade delivers an illuminating finish to the skin as a primer. The sun-kissed shade provides for a bronzing and bold finish to the skin.

An amazing formula that includes light-refracting pearls for an all-natural glow to the skin with a blurring and skin-perfecting effect. The formula works impressively with an appropriate amount of natural botanicals and more than 70% of water content to keep the skin feeling fresh throughout the day. The 3in1 gel formula acts ideally under the regular foundation for the ultimate smooth priming of the skin for a skin-safe and even application of the foundation. Prevents budging or caking that may appear on the face as a result of the plain application of the base.

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You can shop for the classy product here at Lonove at a reasonable price of £27.99 throughout the UK.

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