Tips to Getting Rid of Crowsfeet

Crow’s feet are a mess in our lives. These cringy lines appear at the outer corner of the eyes and diminish face beauty. Lines around the eyes are an inevitable part of the aging process. Eyes are a sensitive part of the face and aging is most evident. Let’s discuss how to prevent crow’s feet and minimize their appearance.

Reasons for Crow’s Feet:

Numerous reasons cause lines around the eyes. The prime factor that impacts the process is the presence of drier and thinner skin around the eyes, as compared to other parts of the body. With age, the skin loses collagen and elastin that keep the skin plump and firm. This occurs naturally due to external factors including sun damage, free radicals, and changes in hormonal level.

Usually, the eye area has fewer glands as compared to other body parts so the skin remains dry. Furthermore, as the age of a person increases the fat levels under the eyes decrease as well which promotes the look of lines. On the other hand, generically, a bad lifestyle makes lines more prominent as well. Rubbing the eyes frequently and unnecessarily leads to an increased chance of the appearance of crow’s feet.

Another major factor that augments the presence of crow’s feet is excessive sleep. Beauty sleep is everyone’s requirement but sticking to the same side or the same posture for a longer time boosts the existence of crow’s feet.

Prevention of Crow’s Feet

These aspects as mentioned below are best to prevent crow’s feet.

  1. Sunscreens are the best stuff to fight away aging signs. People who expose to sunlight daily should wear the formula every single day. The same goes for eye creams, preferably choose an eye cream, with a high SPF content to keep the unnecessary lines treated.
  2. Wear Sunglasses The next unbeatable way to keep the eyes protected from any damage and prevent squinting is to make a considerable investment in buying sunglasses. Wear them outside, whether it is the summer sun shining outside or the winter speaking out loud to prevent squinting.
  3. Get Your Eyes Checked to Keep a check on the health of your eyes and get a test if you find yourself unable to read a magazine, book, or paper in case.
  4. Remove Makeup Gently The eye area is sensitive and prone to dryness or irritation. Cleansing the eyes excessively strips away the natural oils. Remove the makeup with gentle hands using a makeup remover and cotton pad that softly whisks away all the makeup.
  5. Quit Smoking Smoking is injurious to health and nicotine accelerates the aging process. It is a high priority to quit smoking to prevent crow’s feet and other aging signs.
  6. Load Up on Healthy Foods A healthy diet leads to a healthy lifestyle. Examine your diet and eliminate sugary and processed food. Instead switch to nutrient-dense food with a high ratio of antioxidants. Foods with healthy fats such as omega 3 should be a high preference. These fats are found in salmon, mackerel, seeds, nuts, avocados, olive oils, and others.
  7. Drink Plenty of Water Intake of plenty of water is essential for healthy, glowing, and fresh skin. Eight glasses of water are enough for maintaining the essential face beauty. Sometimes, inadequate water intake keeps the face skin dehydrated and leads to facial lines. Keep a refillable water bottle next to yourself for intaking the necessary amount of water.
  8. Buy A Concealer with SPF Protect your skin from the sun by putting on a concealer that has a reasonable amount of SPF. It brightens the eye area and helps prevent crow’s feet.

Treatments for Crow’s Feet other than Medicated Creams?

One considerable option is micro-needling which can be performed either at a medical spa or at home. The procedure involves creating tiny wounds in the skin that kickstart the healing process. In other words, it is controlled injury to the body. The process is made a little painless by numbing the areas where the needles have to puncture the skin.

There are a few more non-surgical treatments to consider. One option is microneedling, which can be done in a medical spa or at home. The procedure involves creating tiny wounds on the skin to kickstart the healing process. Put another way, it is a controlled injury to the body. Here’s how it works.

A numbing cream is applied before tiny needles puncture the skin to trigger the healing process. The body creates collagen and elastin during the healing process which leads to smoother, firmer skin and fines lines becoming less prominent.

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