Top wedding makeup looks in the year 2022

Are you getting married in the year 2022? Are you looking for your best bridal look and your bridal wedding makeup to go hand in hand on your big day? Yes!!  first of all bundle of congratulations. Now you must be thinking of your perfect and complete look on your big day. Obviously, the bridal outfit, the wedding makeup the trends all are important and Lil bit is difficult to decide too. But don’t worry we are here to keep you on track and let you know about the ultimate make-up looks for the year 2022 for your ravishing look on your big day.

Scroll down and see what’s going to stick in the New year. We are sure that you will find something you will love but before starting that happy wedding!

Minimal bride

Minimalism makeup trend is all on the way. This makeup look is created by many of our influencers and the Bollywood stars on their big day. It is damn attractive because it is natural and glamorous and of course makes your skin flawless. In this wedding makeup, a highlighter is of prime importance. Just mix it with your foundation and apply it on your high points like your cheekbones, your forehead, and your collarbone. Don’t forget to cover your nose and your brow bones and of course, you will look glamorous. Nowadays more brides opt for a minimal makeup look. No one is comfortable with the layers of makeup. Everyone wants to be comfortable and glamorous at the same time.

Fresh Dewy look

In the year 2022 when everyone is so much busy and at the same time wants to enjoy their heart and opt for fewer functions. Makeup is an art of self-expression and you can create a fresh dewy bridal look by adding a highlighter on your high points of the face bridge of the nose, eyelids, and other areas. It gives you a finished wedding makeup look and feels super glamorous and attractive. Our famous actresses like Chrissy Teigen and JLo created these looks. Nowadays everyone is obsessed with dewy makeup.

Matte bride

If you want to create a flawless look with some pinkish shades then I would suggest you go with this type of makeup trend and make a matte bride. It is considered one of the best bridal makeup looks. The main bridal makeup used product will effectively absorb access oil from the skin. For this purpose, it is suggested to use a foundation that provides flawless coverage and doesn’t oxidize your skin, and also gives your skin a valuable finish for long-time wear.

Classic bride

Whether it’s 2022 or 3022 these classics would never get old. Brown smokey eyes paired with perfectly filled Brows along with the contour face and of course, the red lipstick will make you the elegant bride. It is a perfect wedding makeup look one good wish for. The bright or deep red lipstick is always in trend for a classic bride. A classic makeup look is a perfect option for your big day as it will be elegant, timeless, and won’t go out of style.

Bold eyes and nude lips

In the coming year, the bold eye makeup paired with the nude lips will be almost the attire of all the Indian brides. It’s a perfect balance as well. It is one of the most followed and created wedding makeup trends in the year 2022. Everyone is adapting it now and will become most popular in the coming years as well. You can opt for a classic wing liner along with nude lips as they look great.

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