What is difference between Facial oil and Moisturizer?

Mostly in the winter season, our skin becomes too much dry and we are worried in this case just because we do not know what to use and how to use it. At that time we have only two options either can use Facial oil and Moisturizer. Now here arises another question which is best for your skin Oil or Moisturizer, So guys in today’s tutorial you will learn about Oils and Moisturizers. After reading this article you will be able to make a decision which is best for you. Now let’s get started.

Before starting the guide, here I would want to give a short introduction to the oils and Moisturizers.

Facial Oils

Different types of oils are available in the market, these are facial oils, & carrier oils. Face oils are mostly used in skincare products, facial oils are extracted from vegetables. Oils actually moisturize your skin. Also, prevent your skin from dehydration and make your skin fresh and soft.


Moisturizer is also able to make your skin smooth and it works as a natural protective barrier and glowing. Skin specialists and as well as beauticians also recommend people use a moisturizer daily.

Comparison between Facial Oils and Moisturizers

Here we are going to clear your confusion that most of us thought that face oils & moisturizers functions are the same but they are totally different things. Now let’s see how these products are different from each other

Moisturizer vs. Face Oil

The moisturizer keeps the natural oil of your skin by providing it with additional moisture. It also stops sebum from taking place & as well as clogging pores.

Otherwise, face oils have too many fatty acids & as well as other elements that can easily penetrate deep into your skin surface, nourishing it from within. Oils make your skin better & offer a protective barrier against dehydration.

Way to Use Oils on your Face?

For removing Acne from the Face

Facial oils are able easily to remove acne/pimples from the skin & also stop the reappearance of these breakouts. If you want to get rid of acne and so then firstly you should choose an appropriate face oil that has ingredients that must have the ability to clear acne & other skin problems. These types of oils are actually made up of tea tree oil, peppermint oil, lavender oil, and as well as rosemary oil, etc.

For Preventing the Aging

If you want to prevent aging so then you should use those oils which must have vitamins A, C, & E, ceramides, phytosterols, & squalane as well. You can also use natural oils like argan oil or jojoba oil, which are made from plants that contain anti-aging properties.

In order to Manage Fine Lines & Wrinkles

Oils have lots of benefits, that’s is why it is ideal for all skin types, you have to just use them according to your skin type. As fine lines and wrinkles alarm you that your skin is not having proper care or you are now getting old. Never depends on creams because they all have lots of chemicals that are not useful for your skin, so that’s why always try to treat your problems with natural things. Oils can also remove fine lines and as well as wrinkles from your face. Do remember that never use cheap quality oils. Use oil with retinol, also ensure that it is accurately diluted in a base oil or another carrier oil just like olive oil or almond oil.

Can Face Oil be Used to Replace Moisturizer?

If you are using the face oils accurately so then it is ideal for your skin. Do remember that when you use one thing too much without any break so then it may cause many problems like if you have an oilskin, so excessive use of oils causes many problems, it can open your pores, acne may take place. Keep in mind that healthy skin requires a balance of lots of factors, and while face oil has numerous advantages, moderation/leniency is the best option. Hence, while we do not suggest replacing the moisturizer with face oil, we recommend using one to supplement an already fixed skincare routine.

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