What is Vegan Beauty and why Care about it?

All of us have heard about vegetarians. As per the record of 2019, a quarter-million people were identified as vegetarians. The same year was declared the year of vegan as countless people were found to be vegans. Some of the most popular celebrities such as Beyonce and Jay-Z are promoting the consumption of a vegan diet. Being vegan is not only appropriate ethically but it has countless benefits on health and the environment.

The vegan food industry observed a boom of 20 percent growth in 2019 with sales reaching 3.3 billion dollars. All things vegan is a popular slogan now and amongst many other industries, the beauty industry is shifting to it as well.

Tata Harper is the founder of a natural beauty brand and states that “Beauty and food have a lot in common, the “ingredients” to be precise. Speaking more of it, the stuff that is great to ingest is great to apply as well.

What is Vegan Beauty?

There is a lot of confusion regarding vegan beauty and many people consider it the same as cruelty-free. In simple words, vegan beauty refers to products that are free from animal ingredients and cruelty-free products are those which are not tested on animals.

The lack of Food and Drug Administration guidelines has further added to the confusion. A few organizations have declared whether a product is cruelty-free, the leading one is the Leaping Bunny Program. The program grants certification to companies to ensure that animal testing is not carried out in any phase of the production process.

As per the rules and procedures of the Leaping Bunny Program, most of the animal testing occurs at the ingredient level so with the Leaping Bunny Program you are certain that no animal testing occurs in the laboratory. The Vegan Society charity, one of the oldest vegan societies in the world has registered thousands of brands that are vegan and cruelty-free. One of the officers from the Vegan Society stated that it is easy to decide whether a food item is vegan or not but for beauty products it is difficult.

Animal vs. Vegan Ingredients

Animal-based ingredients found in beauty products include beeswax, lanolin (wool grease), honey, squalene (shark liver oil), carmine (crushed bees), gelatin (ligaments, tendons, cow or cattle bones), allantoin (cow urine), ambergris (whale vomit) and placenta (sheep organs).

All these animal products are harmless but they are not better for us. The reason is that the usage of animal parts in moisturizers, cosmetics, and shampoos is discouraged. The usage of animal ingredients is not great in any way and what’s better when vegan alternatives exist.

However, it is not ultimate that all things vegan are healthy. For instance, chips are vegan but they are not healthy at all. The same goes for makeup, if it is vegan and cruelty-free then it is not declared for being healthy as well. The ingredient list may contain numerous unhealthy chemicals and fillers.

The upcoming step is to rid the ingredient list without stripping away the preservatives that aid in maintaining the freshness of a product. All-natural ingredients lead to separation and bacteria growth that may lead to contamination and loss of efficacy. With vegan beauty, pure nature-based ingredients along with additives prevent them from spoiling.

Giving In to Consumer Demand

Kathy Guillermo, a senior at PETA has campaigned for ending the usage of animals in laboratory experiments. She pointed to two industry-wide shifts that have increased vegan awareness in beauty by many folds.

Animal testing on beauty products is required in China. The companies that are not cruelty-free start selling in China while they are banned elsewhere. Consider Unilever for instance, which took a long time for committing to the policy of no animal testing across all its product lines. The ethical and environmental impact of a product has gained preliminary importance worldwide.

One reputed doctor has managed to share his thoughts that his patients regularly ask about vegan and cruelty-free products. These cruelty-free products are driving a notable change in the industry.

Another doctor shares his thoughts that it is an involved process to be vegan and cruelty-free. It is cheap and easy to do animal testing on the other hand clinical testing may cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The Effect of Vegan Beauty

The vegan beauty movement is pushing consumers to assess the ingredients. People are questioning the stuff they buy. They have started to research the stuff they are buying and it is so empowering.

A highly distinguished doctor took it to say that the future of the beauty industry is purely vegan and free from animal testing. Not all companies have realized this but those who have are gonna go ahead and stay in business.

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